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Startup costs for our new clinic to furnish it with all the basic supplies we need. This will include various bandages and medicines. Click HERE to support this project.

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FENCE:  $4542

Barbed wire fence for areas on our property where we are not able to build a concrete wall due to high levels of ground water and moisture. This will help us secure the property from any wild animals as well as trespassers. Click HERE to support this project.


We are very excited that our widow program has seen much growth this past year, as well as our economic development training becoming more and more productive. As this area of ministry grows so does our need to finance it. This money would be used for materials as well as sewing machines to help support the economic development program with our widows. Click HERE to support this project.

HOME FOR A WIDOW:  $8500 (per house)

One of the most meaningful and successful projects Centerwill has ever done is providing small homes for widows who are living in unlivable conditions. This process has been completely life-changing and has helped these women restore dignity, as well as provide security for them and their children. We currently have four widows that are needing homes, and we would like so much to be able to provide this for them. (This price also includes a latrine). Click HERE to support this project.

LATRINE FOR A WIDOW:  $707 (per latrine)

Although many of the widows that we are serving have suitable homes to live in, many of them do not have a place to either shower/bath or use the restroom. This would be a great luxury for many of the widows in our program. This is a tremendous way to help them restore some dignity, and we appreciate you considering this is something you would give towards. Click HERE to support this project.

PARKING LOT:  $16,153

In our effort to finalize the infrastructure of Centerwill Village we are needing to pave a parking lot. As people drive onto the property and to our new office building they will need to drive over dirt to get there, and park in the dirt. In our effort to present ourselves as a more respectable and professional NGO we think this parking lot is very important. Click HERE to support this project.

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You can also mail your

donations to:


P.O. Box 141022

Broken Arrow, OK 74014

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