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There are two primary ways that we help widows in Kenya.

  1. DISCIPLESHIP:  Ministering to the hearts of widows is the first step towards healing. This teaches the women that they are loved and valuable. Early in the process we bring several widows together to form a 'small group' that will pray for each other, worship together, and have Bible studies together. Eventually this bonds the women together in a very special friendship, and they are often seen helping each other with repairs around their homes and with chores.

  2. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  Financial independence and self-sufficiency is our strategy for helping the women change their lives for the better. We do this through training in multiple areas of economic development, such as:​

               •  Micro-farming

               •  Soap making (goats milk bar soap)

               •  Basket weaving

               •  Crochet

               •  Sewing

As a result these women are able to make products that can be sold to earn money, which leads to a healthier and safer life for them and their children.

Finally, whenever we take short-term mission teams to Kenya we host "Renewal Conferences" for the widows in our program. It's an amazing time for our supporters to meet face-to-face with these women and show them the love of Christ.

This is a unique ministry, and we have seen God do amazing things in the lives of these amazing women.


Widows are despised throughout Kenya. They are often times seen as cursed.


Since legal wills are rare in Kenya, widows often lose everything to their in-laws when their husbands pass away.


Widows are a high target for crimes such as rape and robbery. For this reason most widows are "shut-ins". Never going outside, and living lives in complete privacy and obscurity with no friends.


Almost all of these widows still have children living at home who are completely dependent on them. Some of the women in our program have a child with special needs, which is nearly an impossible situation in a third-world country.


Many of these widows are suffering from the ravages of HIV/AIDS. Some of lost their husbands and children to this disease, and are now infected as well.


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