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child sponsorship program

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

$70 monthly or $840 annually.

What will my sponsored child receive?

Education - medical care - food - clothing - bed - school uniforms - mentoring - school supply's

Who is the child being sponsored?

All of the children in our sponsorship program are part of an at-risk population living in Meru Kenya, selected based on the desperation of their situation. Many have been rescued from the streets and are now living at Centerwill Village. Some have been brought to our attention through local school officials, a local church, or the local Government child protective agency.


Where does the child live?

Almost all of the children live at our orphan village (Centerwill Village). The only exception is a child that lives with a widowed mother or grandmother.


Can I exchange letters with my child?

Absolutely! We encourage you to write to your sponsored child. Your letters and prayers are a great way to minister to the child you are sponsoring. You will also receive a letter each year from your child. This is a great way to share prayer requests and encourage each other.

Can I send them presents?

Yes, but with limits. We welcome such gifts that can fit into a standard envelope, such as bookmarks, pictures, stickers and paper dolls, but cannot accept anything bigger. Elaborate gifts can set your child up for jealousy within the community, or even a feeling of dependency on you.

What will I receive?

A welcome kit that includes photos and a child history. You will receive one letter per year from your child. Updated photos and reports on their wellbeing, as well as their prayer requests.

Do the sponsored children know about us?

Absolutely! Not only do they know your name, they will faithfully be praying for you every day, and write you a personalized letter every year. They will even place a picture of you near their bed if you provide them one.

How long does my sponsorship last?

We are always trying to protect our children from the negative consequences of losing a sponsor, so we recommend people to continuing their sponsorship until the child ages out, however it’s not required. Assuming you never cancel, your sponsorship will continue through college/trade school. After that point your support will be redirected to our Ann Mugwe Scholarship Fund. Click here to find out more about the scholarship Fund.

Can I visit the child?

Absolutely! We encourage this and want to help you make it a reality. Please contact us to find out how this is possible. You can contact us at:

Does the money go directly to the child?

Rather than giving the child or family member cash, our staff takes care of these expenses on their behalf.

Does this child have other sponsors also?

No. Child sponsorship a one-to-one relationship. Centerwill connects a single child with a single sponsor. As long as you continue your monthly sponsorship, no one else will sponsor that child.

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