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Ann Mugwe grew up in Kenya - got married - had three children - and worked at a local bookstore in a popular area of Meru Town. Everyday she saw countless homeless children walk past her bookstore. She knew these children had nowhere to sleep, no food to eat, and never attended school. Eventually she knew she had to do something. In 2004 she began caring for these children living on the streets. Giving them food, and trying to pay for them to go to school. She even started bringing them to her church every Sunday morning.

In 2007 she took a risk and rented a small house in the slums of Meru, and she slowly started rescuing small children off the streets and giving them a place to live. She hired a cook to prepare food for them daily, and she asked others in the community to give money to help support the children. Ann was not a rich woman, but she was a strong woman of faith who believed Jesus called her to this mission, but the burden was very heavy for one person.

Eventually she felt God telling her that He is bringing someone to help with the burden, and it wasn't long before she met David and Paul with Centerwill (2014). She spent the next several months trying to explain this vision she had to David and Paul, and eventually they agreed to help her care for the children. Less than one month later Ann passed away from an undiagnosed aggressive form of cancer. She passed away on December 17th, 2015.

In honor of her love for these children and her faithful obedience to God we wish to use this Ann Mugwe Memorial Scholarship Fund to continue providing for the education of children who have lost everything. We hope and pray you join us in carrying on this mission that Ann began.

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