Comfort a Widow

Caring for Widows in their distress

We recognize that scripture is clear that we are to care for both orphans AND WIDOWS, and we were shocked to find out how terribly widowed women living in Kenya are treated. While still suffering from the loss of their husband, they are also faced with the realization they have become the “property” of the in-laws. These widows are now seen as “damaged goods” by the community (including the church). Their despair is great, and their poverty level is now overwhelming. Usually earning about $1.50 per day.


We have put together a program that brings great hope and comfort to these women, as well as an economic development program that will help the gain financial independence through making bar soap made from goats milk. We also help provide much needed chickens & goats, which are a great source of protein and calcium. We also provide sewing classes, as well as several other micro business opportunities.


Maybe the most important element of our Widow-Care Program is our small groups. We’ve currently got 240 widows participating in small home groups for support. They pray, worship, and encourage each other, as well as learn important biblical teaching from our Women’s Pastor Evah Mwenda.


For the first time since losing their husbands, these women are finally finding hop, love, and joy!