Centerwill has staff on the ground in Kenya experienced in orphan care and devout disciples of Christ. We also have a team of nationals to carry out daily work.

Meet Our Team

David Richardson


About David

David has been a full-time rock musician, singer & songwriter and recording artist for 32 years now. He’s married to a trained classical violinist (Sarah), & it’s a perfect fit!

David & Sarah are lifelong Christians who have had a strong passion for missions for many years! The two have done mission work together in Egypt, Kenya, and Peru.

Now they have two young daughters who are growing up with the same love and compassion for the impoverished people around the world.

After traveling to Kenya a second time David was given a clear vision of how he could help serve the orphan & vulnerable children of Africa, and help give them hope and love. Centerwill is the result of that vision.

Sarah Richardson

Vice President

About Sarah

Sarah is a mother of two beautiful young daughters, and wife to Centerwill founder, David Richardson. She is also a trained classical violinist who frequently performs with the symphony in Tulsa, OK.

Her love for children can be found in her job as an orchestra teacher at Holland Hall School in Tulsa, OK – not to mention being a mother.

Sarah is a lifelong Christian, who has a heart for mission work that goes back to her teenage years.

Centerwill Staff

Our Employees

Paul Kirema

Operations Manager (Kenya)

Paul is a husband, father, and a devoted servant to his savior Jesus Christ. Paul grew up in Meru, Kenya, and currently still lives there with his wife and children.

Paul has been working in the area of orphan-care in Kenya for many years, and Centerwill is lucky to have him. He has a big heart, and often times plays the role of surrogate father or big brother to the children he serves.

Catherine Nkatha

Economic Development Assistant (Kenya)

Catherine is a very special lady with a very special gift at ministering to the people we serve with Centerwill. She was born as raised in Meru Kenya, and is an important part of the work we do at Centerwill. Catherine is very experienced in the areas of farming, animal care, and economic development, which is a key part of our Widow-Care Program.

Eva Mwenda

Women's Pastor (Kenya)

Eva has dedicated her life to ministering to the unique struggles of Kenyan women – especially widows. God is doing amazing things through her to help bring peace, love, and hope to hundreds of widows in the Meru district of Kenya. Eva travels most of the time, out to very rural areas, to lead both small groups and larger conferences, ministering to the hearts of the widows who have lost nearly everything.

Jade Walle

Jade is happily married to his wife Kim, and has two young daughters, and one teenage son (who is adopted from the Ukraine). Jade is a graduate from Oklahoma State University, and is currently a partner at a large corporate accounting firm in Denver.

Jak Knight

Jak is happily married to Kat, and has two wonderful children, and is currently living in the Houston, TX area. Jak is the author of a book called “40 Days To Light”, which offers a great way of combining your walk with Christ and your physical life.

Robin Smith

Robin Hock Smith, a native Floridian, came to Oklahoma to pursue musical studies at Oral Roberts University.   Upon graduation, Robin moved to St. Louis to obtain a Master of Music Performance degree.   Further studies resulted in a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Tulsa.

Currently, Robin is on the faculty of Oral Roberts University as instructor of bass. She has held the position of Principal Bassist of the Signature Symphony for over 25 years.   Internationally, Robin has performed throughout Austria, Poland and Russia as a member of The Messiah Project, a music mission.

As an advocate for orphans, Robin has traveled extensively in China and Russia. In 2010, she and her husband Jeff adopted their son Eduard from Russia.